… and they’re off!

There’s a Wrens-Nest shaped space at King’s Bromley Marina as we are off on our travels again. Our plans to head north to the Macclesfield Canal have been scuppered due to lack of water leading to lock closures, so we are headed kind-of-north towards Great Haywood to start with.

We started off in a leisurely manner just before 10 and in about an hour we were passing The Plum Pudding, an Italian restaurant/pub.

Joy had to hop off here and scout out ahead to see if the Armitage Tunnel was clear, a phone call from her told me it was so off I went and picked her up again at the other end [how did we manage before mobile phones?].  When we  reached Rugeley a boat was just moving off the visitor moorings so we smartly took their place and visited the nearby Tesco’s for a few last minute items then we had lunch before getting under way again at 2 pm.

A short 45 minute cruise took us to Taft Wharf where we took on 100 litres of fuel from the fuel boat Dexta. Just past the bridge I spotted this Showman’s Living Van languishing in a field.

Just another few minutes and we were moored for an early finish at Wolseley Bridge near this horse in amongst a fine crop of nettles.

Joy has made a mousaka for tea and we seem to have internet, phone & TV signal… Result!


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