There and back again

Tuesday  26th February

Shugborough Hall

A late start today and a short journey, up through Colwich Lock (heard pronounced ‘Colic’ today) we passed Shugborough Hall and moored at Essex Bridge. A short walk up to the village allowed me to post a parcel and after lunch we we continued up through Haywood Lock to Great Haywood Junction.


We filled up with water at the services then turned at the junction and returned back to the visitor moorings and shoehorned ourselves into a gap next to one of our neighbours from the marina.

As we were chilling out during the afternoon we heard a ‘hello’ and found it was Penny, a boater we have met many times on our travels, she had only time for a quick catch up but it was good to see her.

Colwich Lock

We spent a peaceful night here, despite the nearby railway line and we were in no hurry to get away as we only planned to return to Wolseley Bridge were we found a sunny spot again and spent some time sitting outside chatting to the guys from the adjacent boats.


Wednesday  27th February

Colwich Farm Buildings (love the brickwork)

Up a bit earlier this morning and we made our way back to Rugeley for lunch  and shopping and then after enjoying a bit more sunshine made our way back to King’s Bromley concluding a nice break in the spring-like weather.

In the evening we met up with friends, Diane & Ellis, and took part in the pub quiz at The Chadwick Arms where we neither distinguished nor disgraced ourselves, but D & E both won prizes in the raffle which they kindly offered to share with us.


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