A pre-season cruise

With it being April (Spring and all that ) we thought we would escape from the marina and have a little outing.

Wednesday 3rd April

Not wanting to rush we left about 10 am and tackled the 3 locks down to Fradley Junction and made the turn through the little swing-bridge towards Fradley. We found a mooring just past the waterpoint, filled up and decided to stay there for the night.

Thursday 4th April

Just another short pootle today down to The Plough Inn at Huddlesford. About 4 miles.

Friday 5th April

All the way into Fradley today, nearly 7 miles in 3 hours, mooring opposite Peels Wharf and our friends Peter & Chris’ flat which overlooks the unused basin.

While I went to Tescos for some shopping, Peter walked around to say hello and offered to ferry us back to the marina to collect our car as we would need it for the weekend.

Saturday 6th April

As promised Peter arrived to retrieve our car in the morning and after lunch we nipped down to Tamworth to get some shopping.

Sunday 7th April

This morning we went to Tamworth Baptist Church and surprised our friends there; after lunch we drove to Birmingham to visit our son and his family for a Sunday roast. We returned to Fradley having hi-jacked our granddaughter for a couple of days.

Monday 8th April

Today we visited Tamworth again and went bike riding in the Castle Grounds. Iona took some photos of ducks & geese for a school project. There was an unusual black and white duck (Iona named it the Penguin Duck) which was very photo-shy and kept it’s back to us.

Tuesday 9th April

We met up with the gang again and Iona went back with them to visit The Seaworld Centre in Birmingham, while we recovered. In the evening we went round to Chris & Peter’s for a Chinese takeaway.

Wednesday 10th April

In the afternoon, Joy & Iona went to Joy’s art class in Witherley, while Jer & Chris took our car back to the marina.

Thursday 11th April

We started our journey back today and travelled as far as Whittington where we strolled down to the village visiting the Co-op and the Bell Inn which is a cosy old pub dating back to the 1800s.

After we returned from the village we travelled a little further and moored outside King’s Orchard Marina, away from the railway line which as well as being a bit noisy seemed to interfere with the TV signal.

Friday 12th April

We were away before 10 am this morning arriving back at Fradley Junction just after 11 where we had arranged to meet friends, David & Joy for lunch. When we got their call we wandered over to the Kingfisher Café for lunch, the café is under new management but Russell who we knew from our mooring at Grendon is still cheffing there and we enjoyed a good lunch.

Thus fortified David and Joy boated back to the marina with us, helping with the three locks and David took the helm for most of the way back.

Here are some photos taken on our trip.

Tuesday 16th April

So, now happy that this trip has been successfully undertaken we can now look forward to our next adventure after Easter.

Yesterday I serviced the engine, and found nothing amiss save a chafed fuel return pipe. I chased off to Rugeley to buy a replacement length but despite phoning beforehand, not only  was it was the wrong size, it was not compliant with boat safety regulations. On the way back I remembered that I had a piece already from the last time it was replaced…. Doh! So job now done!

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