Swindon to Whittington

The header picture is one of those circular weirs I mentioned yesterday.

Last night we bottled some elderflower cordial which Joy had made.

So today we set off at about 10 am, through Hinksford Lock to Greenforge where we filled our tank at the waterpoint. I was puzzled for a few minutes as conventional taps were fitted AND the normal lever valve under the locked cover.

The Navigation Inn

Greenforge Lock is very near the waterpoint but the armco type barrier is in poor condition here and proceeded to scrape the side  of the boat as we moved along to the lock. The Navigation Inn is alongside the lock to provide refreshment for boaters past and present.

After Flatheridge Bridge we passed the beautiful private garden belonging to the owner of the adjacent Ashwood Nurseries, just as I was sneaking some photos a smiling face emerged from under the tree on the left where a lady was doing some pruning.

Passing through five more locks our journey took us past ‘The Devils Den’ which is a bit overgrown now (follow this link for a story back in 2008 and some history about it) and Dunsley Tunnel, which is carved through the rock, except for a brick portal one end,  and on to Kinver, where we had been forewarned the Vine Inn, by the lock, was now closed.

We stopped below the lock for lunch and as we wanted to have a couple of days off wondered whether we could stay on this 24 hour mooring but decided that it would be a bit naughty so we moved on to Whittington where  we are moored next to an attractive property adjacent to the next lock.


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