Wolverley to Stourport

Yes, we did have a ‘rest day’ yesterday, or rather a non-boating day as our son Jeremy and his partner, Louise came to see us and we did some car shuffling. He took us back to our mooring and then we drove down to his mooring where we left our car for the time being, and then they took us back to our boat, so not much rest really!

Wolverley Court Lock & Bridge

This morning our Morrisons delivery arrived just on time, but a can of Coke had got punctured in transit and leaked over the rest of the order so we had to sort all that out before we left.

So we were away at 10:35 am about about an hour later than planned, but we were in Kidderminster before 12:00 and had lunch and visited Sainsburys to top up with supplies we couldn’t get from Morrisons.

Kidderminster Lock



By a quarter to two we were off again and entering Kidderminster lock soon after. This lock drops down to under a modern road bridge and it’s only as your eyes become used to the gloom are you able to see boats waiting under the bridge to come up.



The water level in this pound was very high, lapping over the towpath and lock landings in places. We passed through a redeveloped area with Tesco, Boots and other major stores including Debenhams in a re-purposed factory building along with it’s adjacent factory chimney.

Hoobrook Link Bridge
Falling Sands Bridge & Viaduct

After Caldwell Lock the water levels returned to normality and we were out in the countryside once more, passing under Falling Sands Viaduct (no Severn Valley steam trains seen today) the new(ish) road bridge and through


Falling Sands Lock which has an entrance at 90 degrees to the approaching canal just to make things interesting.

Another hour and we were mooring up in Stourport, and after a cuppa we walked down the town and against Joy’s better judgement, Chris bought a gingery/orange jacket (which Michael Portillo would be proud of) at the Red Cross charity shop.

After a brief rest, while Joy cooked the tea, Chris went to Dizzy Dolly’s laundrette (just across the canal) and did a load of washing. We then enjoyed the roast vegetable tagliatelle before settling down to watching TV for the evening.


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