Down the River to Worcester

Stourport Basin

We made an early start from Stourport this morning as the moorings all filled up last night and we thought it might be busy, there was one Black Prince hire boat who followed us down the staircase locks, but we didn’t see them again until Worcester and only 2 or 3 boats coming up-stream.

Kitted out for the river

The staircase locks are a bit difficult as the two sets don’t align and the wind wasn’t helping either, those are the last locks we’ll be operating ourselves for a while.


Lincomb Lock

Once we were out on the river we enjoyed the glorious weather and made good progress downstream through three big, power operated locks, all with cheerful lock keepers to help us.


When we reached Worcester, there were plenty of moorings to chose from and we picked one between the rowing club and The Sabrina Footbridge. We had to buy a ticket from  the car park machine to pay for our mooring.

We had our tea out in the cratch (or pointy bit as Joy calls it) with a glass of Spritz for Joy (a taste picked up in Venice) & an elderflower cordial for me.

Unfortunately there’s no TV signal here and poor internet so I’ll add more pictures tomorrow; still there are swans to feed and rowers to keep us amused and last night’s episode of ‘Summer of Rockets’ which we recorded, to watch.




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