Goodbye to the G & S

Tuesday 10th September

Our stay on the G & S  has come to an end, we have enjoyed meeting up with so many friends from this area and it would be difficult to list all those we have seen, so instead I’ll just mention the pair who have travelled the furthest to see us and another pair we haven’t seen for the longest time.

We have known our friend Marilyn since the 1970s when we lived in Wiltshire, but although she now lives in Australia with her partner Steve, we have stayed in touch over the years.

Last weekend we all met up in Cardiff along with another friend from those days, Marie & her daughter Zoe who none of us had seen for more than 40 years when Zoe was just two!

A lot of reminiscing took place including the admission of just who had been responsible for setting me up with an entirely unsuitable blind date back in the day!

After visiting Saint Fagans National Museum of History, Marilyn and Steve returned to Slimbridge with us on Sunday and after lunch we cruised down to see the Purton Hulks.


On Monday we travelled up to Gloucester, in the rain, Steve steered most of the way and said that he thoroughly enjoyed it.

We rounded of the day with a Greek meal at Greek on the Docks and said our farewells to them on Tuesday lunchtime to continue their holiday.


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