Upton to Worcester

Last night I walked up the steep ramp from the pontoons into the town to get some chips, Upton is a pleasant little town and I love looking at the old recovery vehicles at  the Regal Garage (Panes).

The town clock was misbehaving striking the half hour at quarter past and the hour at quarter to, moreover the chimes were 3¼ hours fast so it struck 12 at quarter to 9, most confusing!

This morning the gravel barges started shuttling up and down river at 7 am but despite their size didn’t move us about much even when fully loaded (and I mean fully loaded). We soon passed their loading point which is an old barge modified to make a pontoon and a movable loading conveyor mounted on tracks.

We plodded on for another hour or so and then encountered ‘The Edward Elgar‘ hotel boat and we arrived at Diglis Lock just before 2 pm.

We were then in Worcester proper and Joy videoed the huge number of swans here before finding a mooring between the road and rail bridges before 2:30 pm.



Night view of bridge

Later we wandered up to the shops and Joy bought some new tops in Primark.

The TV reception was poor here so some recordings were watched before spending a peaceful night.

Despite our location between the two bridges, I guess we must have been tired because we didn’t hear the trains or they stopped running after we went to bed!




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