Ten Years Afloat

Ten years ago we moved onto Wrens-Nest, three days after buying her. Well no actually…  we moved onto Lady Penelope as she was then, we had help from good friends and started the journey back to Heyford Wharf where the new name was sign-written.

I don’t think it ever occurred to us that we wouldn’t take to the life, having had a couple of canal holidays when the kids were young, owned several camper-vans, and lived in a caravan for a year whilst selling our house. All of these had far less living space than our boat.

We’ve travelled around the country,  from London to Liverpool and Lechlade to Llangollen and enjoyed every lock and mile travelled.

We’ve done work on the boat over the years, often little modifications which we wondered why we hadn’t done before. When the boat was new the kitchen was featured in a book, but that didn’t stop us re-vamping it!

There are always some jobs to be done, just this week I installed an external aerial for the mobile WiFi and fitted a new regulator to the LPG gas system, it seems I can still fit myself into the gas bottle locker (in the pointy end of the boat) although getting out is a bit more of a challenge than it was!

We occupy our minds with art (watercolour), music (guitar & accordion), jigsaw puzzles and quizzes.

Over these ten years we have made many friends, some we see
often and others just shout Hi! when we pass, but all of them have a special place in our hearts.

Our boat is very much our home, and we think it reflects our personality, it’s a place to entertain friends, it’s our refuge and our holiday place because we can move it wherever the mood takes us.

People say “How long will you continue to live aboard? ”
and the answer is “As long as health and strength allow, God willing!”


One thought on “Ten Years Afloat

  1. I remember well taking you down, and also after a few days wondering where my wife had got to! Glad it’s worked out well for you. 🙂


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