Summer Cruise – Day 2

It was a late start today, an 11:30 departure, but I did walk down to Aldi first for some bread and cheese. While I was gone Joy snapped some of the cute black & white ducks.

Joy’s sore ribs were much better today until a sneeze undid all of the healing and left her in pain for some time.



The ‘Royal Train’ & Tree House at Milford


An hour and a quarter later we arrived at Tixall Bridge and admired the lovely house and grounds next to it.

Fifteen minutes later we were passing through Tixall Lock.

Tixall Wide is always a popular mooring spot and today was no exception it’s such a beautiful spot but we didn’t stop and carried on through to Great Haywood Junction, where we turned right & then reversed onto the water point where we filled up and disposed of rubbish.

We found a mooring spot just behind ‘nb Calm Down’ who passed our mooring a few days ago.

This evening we were grateful to our good friends Leigh & Malc who delivered a tube of EB25 (recommended by Jeremy) from Toolstation to seal our toilet tank.
Here’s hoping this will be a permanent solution.

Tomorrow has been declared a rest day as the forecast is for rain.

Today’s statistics:

  • Total distance:4.84 miles
  • Elapsed time:2h29m
  • Locks:1
  • Bridges:14

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