Summer Cruise – Day 3


As decided, we stayed put today although the weather was better than expected. While I did some jobs on  the boat and visited the Canalside Farm Shop, Joy joined her online art class via Facebook run by Barry Whitehouse from the Artery in Banbury.

Kinver Rock Cottages

Joy really enjoys it and Barry intends to continue online classes in the future which is good news. This week’s subject was Kinver Rock Cottages which we visited a few years ago.

Kinver Rock Houses – Ten Years Ago!

Before tea I took a walk to the bins and then down to the next lock and noticed there was a sheltered mooring free just below it with a grassed area beside it. As there was a possibility of the family visiting over the weekend we took the opportunity to move down there.

The tablet which I use for Waterways Routes maps, a kind of Google Maps for the canals had started to play up, the screen has long since been cracked but now goes flat even when it’s plugged in.
Our Bluetooth loudspeaker suffered a similar fate so I ordered replacements from Amazon to be delivered to Great Haywood Post Office.

The featured image is copyright  Chris Jones and is from CanalPlanAC. It is Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence because I forgot to take one!

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