Summer Cruise – Day 9

  • Day 9?
  • Where, gentle reader, have we been?
  • Have we fallen down a black hole at Wolseley Bridge?

No, pleasant as it is there we had to move off to the fleshpots of Rugeley on Monday morning to pick up another tablet from the Amazon lockers in Morrisons, but first…

Sunday – Day 6

Today was chilling out and watching the service from Gas Street Church Birmingham on YouTube.

We made a steak & ale casserole for tea and very good it was, though we sez it as shouldn’t.

Monday – Day 7

We departed at 10am and arrived in Rugeley at 11am and I hot-footed to Morrisons to get some shopping and just by scanning the barcode sent to me by email the relevant Amazon Locker sprang open as if by magic and I was able to pick up my package without touching anything but the package.

On returning to the boat I unpacked the tablet, installed the Alpine-Quest App, with the Waterways Routes maps and joy of joy it recognised precisely where we were. What a relief!

Screenshot of today’s route -Waterways Routes

After lunch I went to the Post Office to send the other tablet back and on the way back visited Home Bargains & Aldi.

Afterwards I rested my legs & spent more time setting up the tablet before leaving town at twenty past three and travelling the 2 miles to Spode House and filled up with water.


Our friends, Linda & Cookie, have a mooring there so they treated us to a cup of tea & a salad and persuaded me to look at the charging system on their neighbour’s boat.

Tuesday – Day 8

I diagnosed a faulty alternator and damaged wiring so replacements were sourced & that kept me busy for some hours, making it look tidy and working properly. I recommended fitting a Voltage Sensitive Relay to replace a Splitter Diode and one was ordered for tomorrow.

Wednesday -Day 9

Cookie picked up the relay after lunch so I fitted it but annoyingly it was faulty, but the original system was working as well as possible so I left it there, said goodbye & departed at 3:30pm. Joy walked ahead to check for oncoming boats through the Armitage ‘Tunnel’ which is single width and we arrived the Crown Inn at Handsacre just before the rain.

We treated ourselves to tea from Michaels Fish Bar just a few yards away


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