Summer Cruise – Day 11

Thursday -Day 10

Thursday was err.. WET!

Joy had her on-line art group again to occupy her, today’s subject was ‘Sunset over The Dolomites’.

We stayed put until nearly 7pm when the weather changed and I made an executive decision to head for Fradley!

I took to the tiller, while Joy, bless her, fell asleep on the settee, she had a a rough day with sore ribs! I managed to get all the way to Wood End Lock (about an hour’s journey) before she woke up.

I had the boat in the lock when she came out still half asleep, of course I sent her back inside & locked down by myself.

It was a pleasant evening and tee-shirt weather even at that time of day.
The gloss was taken off the trip by the appearance of a little red LED which signalled that there was water/gunge/diesel-bug in the Fuel Guard filter.

The engine wasn’t complaining so I soldiered on to Shade House Lock where we were debating whether to drop down the other two locks to Fradley Junction when the weather decided it for us, as the rain started again, so we tied up.

The phone & internet signals weren’t great and there was nothing worth watching on TV but there was just enough internet for social media & word games but not enough for streaming catch up TV, so early to bed!

Friday – Day 11

First job today was to clean the ‘decontaminator’ an easy enough job but on bleeding the fuel system I dropped the bleed screw under the engine and some contortion was needed to retrieve it. Joy soon told me that my bald spot was well greased and I needed to apply hand cleaner to my pate and have a shower!!

The next job was to fire up the generator and do a couple of loads of washing, oh, and I lit the fire, just to dry the washing you understand.

By half past one the rain had stopped and the sun appeared, so we descended the locks and turned right onto the Coventry Canal where we replenished with water and disposed of rubbish.

On we went, with dry but windy weather, in about an hour and a half we were alongside the noisy A38 approaching Streethay Wharf, just after 4pm we were at The Plough (Huddlesford) where we decided to stop for the night as we have a rendezvous with Auriga the coal & fuel boat early tomorrow.

This isn’t the quietest spot as the West Coast Main Line passes nearby, but it’s only one night and we can’t afford to oversleep in the morning.



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