Summer Cruise – Day 20

Wednesday 24th June – Day 16

Our Sainsbury’s delivery arrived OK last evening which is more than could be said for another Amazon order,  being delivered to Fazeley Post Office, which it transpired was coming from Spain, so without any firm news about that we decided to head off to Polesworth.

The two locks at Glascote were soon upon us, we met NB Free Spirit who also write a blog and we had some help from another boater who set the second lock for us. We moored briefly at Anchor Bridge where I visited the Co-op which used to be the Anchor Pub when we first started coming this way.

After a  quick lunch, we were on our way again, through the village of Ammington where there are lot’s of houses with moorings at the end of their gardens (#jealousy!) on past Alvecote Marina & Pooley Hall Country Park and found the last mooring free at Polesworth Visitor Moorings.

Thursday 25th June – Day 17

Miners Poem

We planned to stay at Polesworth today as we had good internet for Joy’s art lesson this afternoon.

Around 10 a.m. I had a message to say my package was now at Fazeley Post Office so I got the electric bike ready and set off to travel the 4 miles back. Unfortunately, I hadn’t got half a mile when I got a puncture and had to push the bike back.

A change of plan was required and as the temperature was rising, I broke out the bus pass and face mask went via Tamworth to Fazeley by bus. It took much longer than it would have on the bike, but the job got done & I didn’t have to wait more than 15 minutes for any connection.

During the afternoon while Joy was doing her artwork I fitted a new inner tube to the bike (of course it was the back wheel which houses the motor to make it all a bit complicated) and all was back to normal.

That all done, when it became just a little cooler we boated the short hop, less than three miles to Bradley Green (Grendon) where we used to have a mooring and tied up opposite the service area.

More goodies from eBay were waiting for me at Atherstone Co-op so I got the bike out again and rode up the towpath, unfortunately, the tyre went down again but I managed to get there and back, blowing up the tyre several times. I met Tony & Jacqui on NB Timewarp along the way who we know from our days in Heyford.

Friday 26th June – Day 18

Today I was surfing the net trying to find some new tyres, I found a suitable tyre, a Continental Ride Tour which is a proper bike tyre rather than the pushchair tyres fitted as standard. After several blind alleys where the advertised item was not in stock, I found some in Aberystwyth which I hope to be delivered by courier on Monday.

I also set up the new Bluetooth speaker and invented a way to mount it above the bed, we’re very pleased with it as it has a good sound and the controls are much simpler than our previous one. It also can be linked to the TV, but that’s a job for another day.

Saturday 27th June – Day 19

Today we saw several of our old neighbours from the moorings to chat to across ‘The Cut’ and in the afternoon Pam & David, who Joy knows through art classes at Witherly visited for ‘socially distanced’ coffee & homemade sponge cake which Joy had made. They also kindly asked if we needed any groceries and brought us some basics from the Co-op.

I did a factory reset of Joy’s tablet as the memory was getting full and went from 93% full to 30% which was a good result, the only struggle was getting Words with Friends to behave as she wanted because it installed an update which introduced a lot of stupid features like rewards and other nonsense!

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