Summer Cruise – Day 15

Saturday – Day 12

I was up early this morning ready to meet Rick on Auriga who arrived just after 8am and dispensed about 80 litres of diesel, to top up our tank.

We had breakfast and were under way soon after, well about 10 am, passing through the villages of Whittington and Hopwas (with it’s wood & army firing area) before mooring in Fazeley before 1pm next to a wide grassed area and opposite our friends Peter & Chris’ house. They soon spotted us and called across to greet us.

Rare family shot with them all looking relatively sensible!


Jeremy, Louise, Morley & Iona came by for an early Father’s Day visit, on the handy grassed area. They had already had a busy day collecting an Argocat, from near Nottingham, for a friend and were happy to chill out and share their news with us.


This is what an Argocat looks like (Library Picture)


They came bearing gifts of beer and a voltage regulator for the boat alternator! Later we enjoyed takeaways as Fazeley is well blessed for choice.
They departed reasonably early as they were all tired!

Sunday – Day 13

Sunday morning I fitted the voltage regulator to the alternator and that should improve the charging regime for the new bowthruster/IT battery back.

We joined Gas Street Church for their on-line Sunday Service again and were impressed with the relevance of the preaching to modern life and the current situation linked to biblical truths.

Later in the day Peter & Chris popped over for tea & cake on our ‘lawn’ but after an hour or so the sky darkened and they beat a hasty retreat before the rain came.

Monday – Day 14

Today I did some carpentry, yes a shock to those who know my skills in that department! Just a shelf really but the timber-yard which backs onto the canal supplied a piece of hardwood, cut to size for a princely £4 and while I beavered away, Joy blitzed the kitchen and front room, you might guess she is feeling better but I have to remind her to take it steady.


As I shut down the laptop a message came up saying something about a memory issue advising to empty the trash bin! On doing that the thing froze and refused to restart… I went to bed a decidedly unhappy bunny.

Tuesday – Day 15

Guess what? Most of today has been spent rebuilding the Linux Mint operating system, I’m nearly there.

Joy did some polishing of the boat and then read a book out in the sunshine.

We are now waiting for a grocery delivery from Sainsburys, we hope they find us okay. So we can move on tomorrow, we’ll try for an early start as the forecast is for the hottest day of the year so far.