Summer Cruise – Day 24

Sunday 28th June – Day 20

Another day at Grendon, the weather wasn’t promising and of course, we had to wait for the tyre delivery tomorrow.

More on-line church today, this week we sampled Rising Brook Community Church, which is Stafford based but has several other centres.

In the afternoon we had a visit from our ex-neighbours Deborah & Jon who live in the house adjacent to the mooring we had here.
It was good to hear their news and later in the evening, they dropped off a bag of cherries,  picked from the tree in their garden. They were delicious and we enjoyed them fresh and in a crumble later.

Monday 29th June – Day 21

Waited all morning and no sign of the tyres, so after several phone calls to the supplier, they eventually admitted that they hadn’t been dispatched on Friday due to a mix up with the address.
We eventually got a tracking number from them, but a day had been wasted.

Better news was that while phoning Leigh and Malc, they volunteered to come and help us do the Atherstone Locks tomorrow, what good friends they are!

Tuesday 30th June – Day 22

The courier’s website showed they had our parcel but the delivery was not scheduled until 1:45-3:45! Our friends arrived at 10:30 and we were able to go and get some shopping from Aldi, but on our return, we decided to leave, as Deborah had volunteered to take in our delivery.

We made good progress up the locks with Leigh, Malc & the dogs walking ahead and setting the locks for us although there was drama at the bottom lock. A duck and ducklings swam in, in front of us, mother duck promptly abandoned her babies and we had to fill the lock very slowly keeping the boat against the bottom gates while Mumma Duck quacked frantically. All was achieved with no squashed ducklings.

Halfway up we had a call from the courier to ask where we were, fortunately, he met one of the other moorers and he took custody of the goods. Joy kept us all going with sandwiches as well as steering the boat through the locks.

Lock Crew Recovery

At the top lock, some volunteers appeared and ran some water down as some of the pounds were very short of water indeed.
We found a mooring and while Leigh & Malc were revived with coffee and cake, I jumped on my bike and cycled back down the locks and retrieved my parcel & Malc’s van.

We took our leave of our friends and in the evening ordered a takeaway from the Raj Mahal as we were too weary to cook!

Wednesday 1st July – Day 23

It was a wet Wednesday, so we hunkered down and prepared to move off on Thursday, but… about 3pm the weather changed and we set off, we passed Hartshill Maintenance Yard and the new Marina being built. We were headed for Springwood Haven where we wanted to get a pump-out but they had just closed when we arrived so we tied up and spent the night there.

Thursday 2nd July – Day 24

As soon as the marina opened we got our ‘pump out’ done and moved through the bridge to moor where the light was better, important for artists don’t you know. It being Thursday Joy had her on-line art class with Barry this afternoon.

We had a video call with our friends Esther & Jos and were introduced to their son Yarrow who is now four months old, seems no time at all since we met his mum when she was little more than a toddler.

The weather was changeable throughout the day ranging from sunshine to torrential rain.


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