Summer Cruise – Day 26

Friday 3rd July – Day 25

The best-laid plans, etc. An early start was planned, but the weather was in an indecisive mood, so it was delayed until 10:30 ish when it decided not to rain too much. Off we went and soon were at the outskirts of Nuneaton, not our favourite town to boat through, as it always looks so down-at-heel. It’s a shame because there are lots of allotments & public land next to the canal which looks so neglected on the plus side some householders make an effort to make their gardens look nice.

Just past the chicane of moored boats at Boot Wharf we stopped to let a faster boat past and clear the propeller of rubish that had wrapped itself around it.

Off we went for another hour when the rain properly started to come down so we tied up just short of Charity Dock and had lunch, a concoction of hard-boiled egg with noodles & black pepper sauce, it should have been curry sauce but I got my packets muddled up! I thought it was fine, but Joy wasn’t so sure.

We got going again at 2pm and took the obligatory photos of the crazy stuff at Charity Dock, just another hour took us to Hawkesbury Junction where we squeezed into a mooring right opposite the Old Engine House.


Hawkesbury Engine House

I crossed over the footbridge & found my way to the convenience store for milk, bread & cake.

Sausage, mash, carrots & peas with onion gravy for tea and an early night as I was falling asleep in front of the telly.

Saturday 4th July – Day 26 – Onto The Oxford

Up and away by half-past nine, after walking to look for the rubbish bins twice, I swear they used to be in a compound but our neighbour, with a little wooden cruiser, told me they are inside the facilities building! So under the junction bridge we went, negotiated the 360-degree turn perfectly, past the Greyhound Inn who were preparing to reopen later today and through the stop lock, something of about a foot rise and we were on The Oxford Canal.

We passed another boat who was also leaving, past the electricity substation from which pylons radiate in all directions (there was a power station hereabouts in the past) past the Wyken Colliery Arm (now home to the Coventry Canal Society’s Moorings) and on to Ansty where we met Rick on Auriga the fuel boat once again.

The going seemed to get slow after that but we soldiered on until we just had to pull in and see what was the matter. What was the matter? An Aldi ‘bag for life’ was wrapped around the prop along with other detritus including the remains of a rather heavy-duty bra!

Spotted our first hire boat

The boat who had been following us for several hours stopped to see if we were OK then went on ahead, we followed on making much better progress with all that removed. We soon arrived at Rose Narrowboat’s Swing Footbridge and thereafter had an uneventful journey, starting to meet a lot of hire-boats and leisure boaters who have had the green light to start cruising today.

Newbold Tunnel

Through the Newbold Tunnel and we arrived at Rugby Visitor Moorings at just about 3 pm and met our travelling companions once more. After tieing up I walked down to Tescos for some shopping, my goodness that slope up to the road feels even steeper with a backpack full of shopping, or is it just Anno Domini catching up?

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