Summer Cruise – Day 32

Wednesday 8th July – Day 30

This morning I whizzed down to the Co-op to get some provisions, while Joy made a cake as the main event today was a visit from Joy’s niece Chris who popped in for a ‘socially distanced’ coffee. She came bearing a gift of a lovely jar of homemade gooseberry jam.
Yes! We did find a lighter mooring, next to the (closed) pub garden and waterpoints.

I really think the darkness of these moorings will deter boats stopping at the pub. I met the landlord and mentioned it, he said it was C&RT’s responsibility, but he hoped to open next week when more hire boats were about. I hope it works out for him.

In the afternoon we fired up the generator & did a couple of loads of washing, and got it on the line before the rain came.

Thursday 9th July – Day 31

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Yay! An even better mooring became available this morning, with loads of sky, where we could stay for 2 weeks if we wanted to and it’s opposite an ‘End of Garden/Field’ mooring which we would love complete with sheep!

Joy had her on-line art class this afternoon, a dark sky with the moon and hot-air balloons. The rain persisted down for all the afternoon and evening, good job we hadn’t planned to move.

Friday 10th July – Day 32

Hooray! A sunny morning so we were up and away soon after nine as we wanted to call at Fenny Compton Marina for gas, I’d checked prices the previous day and at Cropredy Marina, it was £35.50 which is apparently Calor’s recommended price! At Fenny, it was £32.50 which was a bit better, back at our marina it was £28.50 last month. I thought petrol & gas prices were falling?

Enough whinging, it was a lovely day and we headed through Fenny Compton ‘Tunnel’. You know you’re on the South Oxford when you see Boundry Lift Bridge (header photo). Before 11:00 we were passing our one-time mooring at Claydon. A lady opened her boat window and (politely) asked us not to take photos (???) I explained we used to moor there but I have no idea why she objected, however, I won’t publish the photo as she asked nicely.

Soon after we were starting the Claydon Five (locks) and to our surprise, there was a C&RT volunteer on duty, who has a nice little base at the middle lock.

Four more locks and we were at Cropredy, a new canalside house has been built since we were last this way (just advertised as a building plot then). At the services, we stopped for water and there was a 48 hour mooring waiting for us almost opposite, between the C&RT workboat mooring and the permanent moorings. Excellent!

I popped over to the village stores for fruit, veg and an icecream each. Joy prepared us lunch, a salad topped with black pudding and a poached egg, been watching too much Masterchef!

That will do for today, 6 miles 4½hours  & 9 Locks.

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