Summer Cruise – Day 34

Saturday 11th July – Day 33

Another trip to the village stores this morning before we left Cropredy and started the trip down to Banbury, just three locks today.

We have already started to see familiar boats and people; before we left we spoke to Jane on the mooring opposite and just out of Cropredy we spotted Jan & Ed on their mooring who waved frantically.

On the same moorings is an old wooden boat which has been there for years, but it has gained a companion, a tiny steel narrowboat alongside.

On the outskirts of Banbury even more industrial development was underway on what I believe is the old Alcan aluminium factory site. Malc & Dinky were in their garden and gave us a cheery wave as we ran parallel to Southam Road. The ‘Donkey Field’ next to them is up for sale with canal frontage but I couldn’t find the asking price on the agent’s website.

Along the Spiceball Park moorings we saw more familiar boats and although warned about the Castle Quay development, we were still surprised at the scale of the building work.

Never-the-less, we found a mooring outside the GF Club’s ‘Waterside Bar’ as it has been re-named. Mercifully, being Saturday, the building work finished at lunchtime.

Later we walked over the town, Joy visited The Artery (art shop), we bought fruit and veg at the market and chatted to Maffi & Susan who’s boat is moored at Tooley’s Boatyard.

We treated ourselves to a Takeaway this evening from K2, a new place to us, my favourite, Lamb Pasanda was… different, very mild and quite pale compared to the normal orange colour, but quite nice all the same.

Sunday 12th July – Day 34

A quiet day, except for our neighbour starting his engine at 7:30 am, running it for most of the morning to do his washing which he then hung out on lines between the trees outside the club!

We ‘did’ online church again and in the afternoon Ruth & Barry passed on their boat Celandine & chatted for a while.

Tomorrow I have to pick up a new mouse from Argos as the one I bought only a few months ago has gone faulty, then we shall try to find a 14-day mooring at ‘Tramway’ and catch up with even more friends, so if you’re not too far away feel free to contact us about a visit.


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