Summer Cruise – Day 46

Wednesday 22nd July – Day 44

It turns out to be a good mooring spot here above Allen’s Lock, Upper Heyford, not only do we have a good TV signal, but we are further from the railway line than Lower Heyford. We have an open field on one side which has a footpath through it causing us to scratch our heads, to begin with when we heard apparently disembodied voices from behind the trees.

We are right next to the lock mooring which keeps us entertained with a stream of boats through the day. We saw our friends Toni & Chris again today as they were visiting our neighbours Ruth & Barry.

Thursday 23rd July – Day 45

Today I’ve been experimenting with some photography and had some quite pleasing results while Joy has had her regular on-line art lesson.

Friday 24th July – Day 46

Mill Lift Bridge 2020

This morning we travelled a whole mile and a half, we dropped down Allen’s Lock just after 10am and through the electrically operated Mill Lift Bridge at 10:40.


Mill Lift Bridge 2009

It’s curious that this bridge needed to be electrified (apart fro making it easier for single-handers) because back in 2009 it was so easy to operate that my 6 year old grandson could lift it, so over the years what has changed?



Oxfordshire Narrowboats Fleet

A brief stop opposite the church to reconnoitre, and, yes, there were moorings further on, next to the water point so we passed Oxfordshire Narrowboats’ boats which had been returned this morning and were being prepared for a new set of customers.

We bagged the nearest mooring and before I could tie up Anita from one of the houses opposite called across to welcome us.  (We’ll have to behave here as we know the occupants of ALL the four houses opposite)

Later we walked up the road to visit our friend Emily and have a cup of tea in their garden. A phone call alerted us that our personal shoppers (Ruth & Barry) had arrived with some groceries.  On the way back we popped into Oxfordshire Narrowboats and said a quick hello to David (the owner) and Phil (the manager) before leaving them to ready their boats.

There was a queue for the very slow water point so we left it until after tea to start our fillup.
We hadn’t got much in when a motor & butty came along so we let them fill up first.

Last night’s mooring being peaceful, tonight’s was right next to the railway line and some trains really shook the boat, it quietened down after 11 pm and wasn’t too bad.



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