Summer Cruise – Day 50

Monday 27th July – Day 49

Aubreys Lift Bridge

Our Sainsbury’s delivery driver found us without any trouble last evening and a local boater was intrigued to know how we had arranged it.
We later walked down to the bridge and saw Gilly, one of my ‘old’ (or should I say erstwhile) colleagues also Steve who’s other-half Marrianne used to run the nearby Annie’s Tea Room.



Well, I’ve been buying toys again, our internet router was a bit unreliable and so one was purchased from eBay & delivered to Argos in Sainsbury’ at Kidlington. I walked up to the main road and caught the S4 bus there and back. The rest of the evening was spent setting it up!

Tuesday 28th July – Day 50

This morning Joy spotted a boat had moved off of the 7-day moorings so we reversed back there tout suite and slotted into that space, hampered only by a hire-boater who seemed unable to grasp what we were trying to do and kept coming towards us.

Our ‘new neighbour’ kindly helped to pull us in and we are now moored in the sunshine enjoying a better phone and internet signal next to a tub of lavender, so we will be staying here for a few more days.

I’ve spent time making a new shelf for the router, slightly moved the TV bracket and tidied up the wiring.


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