Summer Cruise – Day 54

Wednesday 29th July – Day 51

Today was our 48th wedding anniversary and we contemplated going up to the Boat Inn for an evening meal, but in the end, I cooked us a Boeuf Bourguignon.

Oh, have you noticed I’ve taken a new header photo of Wren-Nest moored here at Thrupp.

Thursday 30th July – Day 52

Wow! Wasn’t it hot today, not a lot was done except to rig up our sunshade and try to keep cool, and of course being Thursday Joy had her online watercolour class, the subject was a bear, the less said about the result the better!

Friday 31st July – Day 53

It was a bit cooler today, well more of a breeze which helped a bit and in the early evening we ventured down to The Boat where we enjoyed a cool beer in their garden.


Saturday 1st August – Day 54

This morning I got the bike out early and rode the 3 miles to Sainsbury’s before it got too hot, I tried using the Sainsbury’s SmartShop app for the first time. You scan your shopping with your phone and put it straight in your bag, scan the phone at the checkout, pay and Bob’s your uncle. The only downside was juggling the trolley, phone & shopping list.
When I got back I said to Joy, “Wouldn’t it be a good idea if the app had a shopping list feature”, guess what… when I had a look at the app a bit harder, it has!

I had to be careful on the ride back with a backpack on not to pull wheelies, I’ll have to find a way to carry the load on the front of the bike.

Joy put a couple of her paintings out on the cratch table this afternoon and was delighted when someone asked to buy one.

Later on in the afternoon, our friend Nina cycled down from Dukes Lock to see us which was lovely as we hadn’t seen her for years, in fact it was when Joy broke the ball of her humerus in March 2013. See the story here.

Later we attempted to polish the side of the boat & clean the windows while tea was in the oven, Greek Stuffed Peppers & Latkas (a kind of Jewish Rosti) proper world fusion food.

This will be our sixth night here so we’d better not outstay our welcome and head back north tomorrow.



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