Summer Cruise – Day 58

Tuesday  4th August – Day 57

Our cunning plan today was to return to The Pig Place and make use of the electricity supply and use our washing machine, £15 for an overnight mooring including electric compares well to a couple of washes at a laundrette.

Aynho Weir Lock

Before we moved off we had a message from Louise asking if she & Iona could visit as she (Louise) had left her handbag on the boat on the last visit.


Just 1½ miles and 2 locks, but there were queues at both locks and the journey took us an hour & forty minutes.


Pig Place Selfie

We just had time to get a load of washing on when the girls arrived and we had lunch from the Outdoor Cafe, half-price thanks to Boris’ Eat Out to Help Out Scheme.

We spent a lovely afternoon with them and later revisited the food bar for our tea, so lazy!

Wednesday  5th August – Day 58

Another two locks today on the way to Banbury and since we came down, the dilapidated Grant’s Lock Cottage had suffered an arson attack, so sad to see.

The grass cutting contractors were out in force with two mowers and two strimmers, will the job get done twice as quickly?

Just before one o’clock we pulled alongside our friend Jill’s boat and begged the use of her water-point, to replace all that we’d used doing the wash. We found a mooring near Samuelson Bridge, handy for Morrisons just across the canal.

Jill joined us for an impromptu lunch and later I collected a new tool bag for my bike at Argos and spent the evening modifying the fixings to suit my bike. Jill came past again later and had a go on the DYU which judging from the video she thoroughly enjoyed.

We plan to stay here for a few days and do some shopping and jobs on the boat. Oh, and seeing more friends, no doubt.


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