Summer Cruise – Day 71

Tuesday 18th August – Day 71

Can you believe it, another week has gone by and we’re still in Banbury, having had our permitted 14 days, it was time to depart.

Jill & Tricky

We have enjoyed our stay here, it was quite like old times, having friends passing by with cups of tea and food shared. Jill’s lurcher Tricky would quite often visit on his own if they were passing.

So today was leaving day and we got as far as the town moorings where I was despatched to buy some watercolour paint from The Artery, on the way back I met Maffi and arranged to have brunch with him at The GF’s club’s Waterside Bar. Joy & Maffi had Ham, Egg and Chips, while I elected to have an All Day Breakfast.

The building work continues noisily creating Castle Quays 2, hopefully, it will be finished on our next visit.

Eventually, we could delay no longer and we set off for Cropredy, leaving all the urban sprawl behind and we met boats at every lock which was a help. Approaching Cropredy we saw Jan & Ed on their boat and arranged a rendezvous later.

By 3pm we were mooring up and for the five minutes I was tying up it poured with rain and stopped as soon as I went inside! Ho Hum.

If Cropredy Festival hadn’t been cancelled this year we would have had no chance of finding a mooring. If you are missing the festival there’s a Radio Oxford program available online.

It’s a lovely spot which will do us well as the weather forecast for tomorrow is wet all day so here we shall remain if that is the case!

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