Summer Cruise – Day 78

Friday 21st August – Day 74

Still here at Fenny Compton, it was a rest day today excepting a trip to the Co-op as my morning cuppa was spoilt by sour milk, I couldn’t survive without my tea, could I?

Random selection of photos

Saturday 22nd August – Day 75

Joy made a malt loaf today, its an easy recipe which includes Shreddies, and here it is, courtesy of our friend Lis.

¾ Cup of Shreddies
¾ Cup of Sugar
¾ Cup of Sultanas
1 Cup of Milk
1 Cup of S R Flour

Put oven on to 150° C

Crush the shreddies with a potato masher. Mix in the sugar Mix in the Shreddies Add the Milk. It suggests leaving overnight, but I don’t. Gradually mix in the flour. Add into prepared loaf tin – greased to prevent sticking. When loaf’s beginning to brown up nicely, it’s ready, that’s it.

Sunday 23rd August – Day 76

A visitor for elevenses today, as Joy’s niece, Chris, paid us another visit, she left before lunch and we spent the rest of the day doing not very much at all.

Monday 24th August – Day 77

This morning we moved up to a 48-hour mooring next to the pub as we have a Sainsburys delivery later, the boat moored in front of us moved off after a while and we quickly moved into their place to take advantage of the sunshine. That achieved, I biked down to the Co-op for some things for lunch and on returning I enjoyed a pint of Hereford Pale Ale with my lunch. This is a Wye Valley Brewery product, whose Butty Bach I have previously enjoyed, but I had erroneously assumed from the name it was a Welsh brewery, but of course, the Wye extends into Herefordshire which is where they are actually based.

This evening we had a visit from Jer & Louise to deliver Iona to us for a few days boating, we took advantage of being next to The Wharf Inn for an evening meal (including The Boris Bonus discount) and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the meals (even our fussy son who likes his steak ‘blue’ Eugh!) They were very busy and it was almost on hour after our booked time before we got our meals, this however allowed us to deal with the Sainsburys delivery while we were waiting.

Tuesday 25th August – Day 78

The majority of this morning was spent studying the weather forecast, umming & ahhing, trying to decide whether or not we should move today. Eventually, a window of opportunity presented itself between 11 & 12 so we cast off vowing to stop for lunch when the torrential rain started. As it happened the rain didn’t come to anything because as soon as it started I put on my coat and the sun immediately came out!

The wind was gusting at up to 45 mph, apparently, which presented a few challenges negotiating the wiggly course of the canal. Lunch was taken on the move and we made it to Marston Doles by 2:30 pm which was just the normal 3 hours.

A boat was coming out of the Top Lock and had got pinned by the wind against the old wharf, they left the gate open for us, so when they extricated themselves we were able to go straight in.

Iona helped me with the top two locks and we found a mooring near Old Engine Arm in the shelter of a hedge but away from any trees that might fall on us.

The strong winds continue to rage but we are safe and sound inside, Joy & Iona have been doing some watercolour artwork while I’m typing this.

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