Summer Cruise – Day 82

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Saturday 29th August – Day 82

Another 8:00 am start this morning for me as we had a lunchtime rendezvous to keep.

It was a fine but chilly morning and though I started off in shorts & a jumper, I soon donned a coat, followed later by hat and gloves.

Our first feature en route today was Newbold Tunnel which I negotiated without meeting anyone, in fact, I met almost no one for the first couple of hours.

I noted that Lime Farm Marina, who I tried to contact on Thursday display a mobile phone number outside, but it was too late now to be of use.

On we went and at All Oaks Moorings picked up something on the propellor.

The cutting between All Oaks & Stretton Stop has suffered a landslip and a little floating footpath has been installed around it.
I removed the prop-foul at Stretton Stop, just after the little swing bridge, it turned out to be a short loop of packing tape entangled with a pot scourer!

The canal follows the railway line here and I could actually feel the vibration from a passing goods train. This section is pretty straight and deep and good progress was made. On through Ansty, judging from all the no mooring signs through the village they don’t like looking at visiting boaters (although there are moorings outside the village). I’m always tempted to make an anagram from the village’s name.

While travelling I was served hot drinks, cornflakes and cake by Joy while Iona baked a sponge cake, and sausages were cooked for lunch.

We arrived at Hawkesbury about half-past twelve where Iona was reunited with her daddy who was waiting for us at The Greyhound.

We lunched on sausage sandwiches and sponge cake before saying goodbye to the pair of them leaving us to relax (sleep) for a bit.

We had a good mooring and there was a lot of traffic passing through the lock, so we decided to go no further today.
Another early start tomorrow?