Summer Cruise – Day 85

Monday 31st August – Day 84

A quiet morning, doing housework, although not so quiet for anyone passing as we had our generator running to power the washing machine and vacuum cleaner!

We lit the fire (not for the first time this week) about lunchtime & put up a line to dry the washing on as we were invited out to lunch.

David came and picked us up by car and took us to their place where we were given lunch and spent an enjoyable afternoon with him & Pam. This is the first time we have been in a house since February!

Tuesday 1st September – Day 85

Goodness! September already and summer seems to have made an appearance again.

After a cooked breakfast we pushed over to the water-point to fill up again and retrieved a sack of coal from the locker on that side, hopefully, that will ensure we don’t need to light the fire again for a week or two!


We pootled off through Polesworth and at Pooley Hall Park where we saw Penny on her boat, we had a brief shouted conversation then Joy rang her to see if she & Ray could join us for a swift half at The Samuel Barlow, sadly they couldn’t so we pressed on into Ammington and moored at The Gate where we had a drink and a bowl of scrummy chips.

Somehow our GPS tracker got turned off here but assuredly we made it to Glascote where I popped into the Co-op before dropping down the two locks, helping a single-hander too.

We passed Tamworth Cruising Club and crossed the River Tame aqueduct, and then took a right at Fazeley Junction and just before 4pm we were mooring at Peel’s Wharf and chatting to our friend Peter who lives across the canal with his wife Chris.

We planned to meet them for a Chinese tonight but (his) Chris wasn’t feeling too good so it will be just Peter.

Today’s Journey (with the gap joined up!)

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