Summer Cruise – Day 86

Wednesday 1st September – Day 86

Peel’s Wharf

We had a great time with Peter last night with a Chinese takeaway and lots of chat with stories being swapped back and forth.
This is a view, from our boat, towards Peter’s home.

This morning we were up and off before 9:00 am, by 10:00 am we were at Hopwas and there were moorings available by The Tame Otter & The Red Lion, too bad we didn’t want to stop yet.

Huddlesford Junction

The water beyond here was really shallow and it was like ploughing through mud, however things improved and we were soon at Huddleford Junction (home to the Lichfield Cruising Club) and The Plough Inn.

Past  Kings Orchard Marina Entrance and Streethay Wharf. Half-past one and we were at Fradley and a few drops of rain started to fall, our original plan was to moor here, but everybody else had the same idea, so there was nothing for it but to turn left and ascend the locks. Fortunately, the volunteer lock-keepers were on duty and soon had us up the first two.

Joy retreated into the boat until the next lock then returned inside while I donned the Big Yellow Coat and with a waterproof picnic blanket over my knees travelled the next hour and a half thus!

No more photos for this afternoon, I wonder why?

Passing Kings Bromley Marina on the way we tied up at Handsacre, the stove is on, toasty warm and damp clothes drying out so I doubt we’ll be visiting The Crown tonight.

Today’s Route – :14.76 miles -6½hrs -3 Locks


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