The Drawer Project

As promised in the last episode, here is the progress report and much thanks is due to my good mate Malcolm who did all the cutting, marking out and generally made sure I didn’t mess it up!

Those of you who have visited the boat might remember a set of wicker baskets in a stand, which we inherited with the boat and were getting to show their age, we decided to replace them with a custom built unit which would match the rest of the fit-out.

When the boat was quite new to us in 2010

The first job was to remove the existing cupboard and reduce the depth of it so that would match the new drawer unit and fortuitously let a bit more heat from the stove reach the settee, while still leaving enough room in our cocktail cabinet.
A couple of inches came off the height as well for reasons that I’ll explain later.

I found some matching drawer fronts on eBay and brass ‘Fleur-de-Lys’ handles from The Range and I’m pleased with the result.

So here is a pictorial record of the progress:

The top was treated with three coats of Danish Oil, and there’s just a small patch of wood to re-varnish but that has to wait until Joy’s out of the way as she hates the smell!

In case you hadn’t figured it out, take a look at the top picture and you will see that the lowering of the top surface, was to accommodate my dad’s ‘Smoking Cabinet’ which is now tucked under the gunwale, it’s a piece dad made himself so it’s one of my treasured possessions, pity I didn’t inherit his skills.

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