At The Patch

Monday 7th June 2021

Today we visited the metropolis of Dursley once more and Joy was taken by the ‘Yarn Bombing’ near what we knew as Barclays Bank and is now a Fish & Chip Shop & cafe

Tuesday 8th June 2021

We had an appointment with our friend Hazel today  at the The Black Shed cafe at Shepherds Patch, Slimbridge. We picked her up from her house and had lunch there together. Joy and her swapped jigsaw puzzles, Hazel’s contribution was a spherical one!

The boating facilities   at the The Black Shed are much diminished, the Day Boat business has moved to Saul Marina and pump out facilities are only available 2 days a week by appointment. I did however note that there were a few spaces on the 14 day moorings.

We drove to B & M in the afternoon searching for some plant pots for our bay tree and tomato plant, but couldn’t find anything of a suitable size.

Wednesday 9th June 2021

This morning I drove to Slimbridge and met Jeanette in the new car park, which disappointingly does not allow overnight parking, and took her back to Saul where we watered up and set off south.

Joy and Jeanette busied themselves with that spherical jigsaw, but they did join me at the back for a cup of tea and I even persuaded Jeanette to take the tiller, she quickly picked up the technique and took us down to Patch Bridge.

We found moorings still available and quickly slotted ourselves in. I was still tying up when I was greeted by Laurie, a friend and customer when I had my business in Dursley.

We had lunch with Jeanette and after she had left I cycled back to Saul Junction to retrieve our car.

On the way back I had a phone call from the washing machine repairers to say that the motor was faulty and it was beyond economic repair, so our decision to buy the Zanussi was a good one.


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